Losing offers to cash buyers? Here is how to win with a loan

You are fully pre-approved, and actively looking for homes with a Real Estate Agent.  You find the perfect home, but there are multiple offers, and one of them is cash.  Panic sets in, but don’t worry.

Sellers love cash buyers for two main reasons. The first one is super obvious – quick closings.  The second, but bigger scare, is any lender related issues.  Is the client “really” qualified?  Will the house appraise OK? Will the lender require something to be repaired?  How long will it take to close?

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Ways to beat cash offers: 

If possible, try these tips to make you are your offer as good, or better than a cash offer.

Bigger Down Payment

While it has no bearing in reality, both Real Estate Agents and sellers think you are a more qualified buyer if you put more money down.  So try a bigger down payment if you possibly can afford it.  Interesting, the #1 best performing mortgage loan with the least foreclosures in the market is a zero down payment VA Loan.

Forget the Official Inspection

Most buyers opt to have a home inspection done. Most official inspections find no major items that you likely didn’t see already yourself.  Most buyers end up nit-picking minor little items, then ask the seller to “fix” everything. This is very annoying to sellers.  Look the house over good by yourself, and then skip the official inspection.

Change your price point

Are you constantly being out bid?  Everyone else seem to be willing to pay more?  Consider looking at homes in a slightly lower price point. By looking at less expensive homes, you can be the one that puts in an offer over the asking price, and winds the deal.

Closing Costs

All loans have closing costs.  It is very common to ask the seller to pay your closing costs. The seller isn’t really paying anything, rather it is just a way for the buyer to pay the costs over time, versus paying up front at closing.

For example: If you offer $205,000 and ask the seller to pay $5000 on your behalf, the sellers net is $200,000.  If you offer $200,000 without asking for anything, the sellers net is still $200,000. Unfortunately, most sellers feel like you are ripping them off when you ask for seller concessions. They add up in the sellers mind, which works against you. Try not to ask for ANY concessions, not even a “Home Warranty” (99.9% of the time you’d never need anyway).

Try to talk to the seller

Buying and selling a home can be very emotional.  Talking to the seller about how you’d love to raise your three kids there, just like the seller raised their kids there has serious emotional pull.  It goes a long way when fighting against a typically lower cash offer from someone who just plans of flipping the home.

Winning a bid with a loan

Fighting cash buyers can be discouraging. But, just because they’re dealing in cash doesn’t mean they win. Many investors think they can low-ball with cash.  Show you are super serious with these ideas, and you’ll have a winning bid!