How people find a Real Estate Agent

The two most important people in a real estate transaction is your Loan Officer, and your Real Estate Agent.

Having an experienced person in these two positions will make for smooth, rewarding, successful transaction. So how do people pick this very important person?

Referral by friend, neighbor or relative is the most commonly cited method sellers used to find their real estate agent.

Thirty-nine percent (30%) of sellers used a referral to find their agent, and an additional twenty-two percent (22%) used an agent they had worked with before.

The typical seller only contacts one agent during the selling process, further emphasizing the importance of personal relationships in real estate.

Sixteen percent (16%) of sellers contacted two agents before selling their home and eighteen percent (18%) contacted three or more agents.

Among recent sellers who used an agent, eighty-five percent (85%) reported they would definitely (69%), or probably (16%) use that real estate agent again or recommend to others.

For buyers, the average person talks to 9 agents over the typical 9 month long period from the time they start thinking about buying a home until they actually close on a home.

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