Economy stimulated by low mortgage rates

Minneapolis, MN:  As mortgage rates continue to hover near the all-time historic low rates that we saw last November (2012), the nation’s overall economic outlook has seemed to improve.

saveIn November 2012, rates fell down to levels that had not been seen since 1971. While current rates are not at all-time lows, they are just slightly above those rates, and at levels that have not been seen since January.

The low mortgage rates are helping to stimulate the recovery of the housing market. They low rates have helped to increase home sales and home refinances. Many current homeowners have taken advantage of the low rates by refinancing their home loans, freeing up money to be spent elsewhere.

While the Federal Reserve plans to continue to keep mortgage rates low through the purchase of mortgage-backed security bonds, mortgage rates are not likely to stay this low forever. CNN Money expects that as the economy continues to improve over the course of the year, mortgage rates will begin to rise this fall – but just slightly.

Taking advantage of mortgage rates while they remain low is essential. First time home buyers can afford to purchase a property that is on average 20 percent more expensive than they were when mortgage rates were in the 4-5 percentile range. Refinancing to shorter term can also help buyers pay off their home in less time and lower their monthly mortgage payments.

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