Interest rate forecast for 2014

Everyday, I am asked “what are mortgage rates going to do?”

No one has a crystal ball, but here are a few reasons we should expect mortgage interest rates to be higher in 2014.

1) New mortgage rules starting in 2014 are going to make getting mortgages harder, take longer, and cost you more money to obtain.  Lower debt to income rations, new forms, qualified mortgages, the CFPB, and more are all expected to take a significant toll.  Remember, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and all the others said their brilliant financial reforms would save you money…  All I’ve seen is high costs!

2) Economists at Freddie Mac have indicated they expect interest rates to be in the 5’s throughout 2014 because the economy is getting better (albeit slowly), and the Federal Reserve is expected to stop artificially propping up the mortgage market, with their buying of mortgage backed securities

3)  Affordability indexes are falling.

The good news is, there’s still time to take advantage of low refinance rates and new home purchase programs now if you’re a consumer.

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