Low appraisals hurting housing recovery

Story from KARE TV in Minneapolis / St Paul, MN. Story touches on it lightly, but misses the major issue that new mortgage lender / appraiser rules put into place in 2009, known as HVCC (Home Value Code of Conduct), now simply known as the Appraiser Independence rules, are the real problem. Appraisers are the holders of the countries equity, and the new rules have caused trillions of dollars in lost equity.

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Stupid Appraisers?

FHA guidelines state that a house has to meet MPR (minimum property standards) for existing houses, and MPS (minimum property requirements) for new construction. FHA is very concerned with the three S’s: Safety, Security, and Soundness.

When a Realtor was asked what the three FHA S’s were, he replied, “Stupid, more stupid, and seriously stupid FHA appraisers,” which I thought was pretty funny, however, a little off the mark. The three FHA S’s have to do with the following:

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