Less underwater homes as values increase

banner_ad_appraisalUnderwater Mortgages Drop by 850,000

Minneapolis, MN:  Millions of homes went underwater at the beginning of the real estate and mortgage crash. Underwater homes, where the owners own more on the mortgage loan than the home is currently worth, have been a thorny issue, preventing many people from refinancing to today’s low mortgage rates, or from selling their homes.  If has also cause many people to throw in the towel and simply walk away from their home.

CoreLogic, a real estate data firm has reported that an estimated 850,000 homes are no longer underwater in the first quarter of 2013 due to rising home values.  They also reported that another 11.2 million homeowners are now in a “low equity” position, which means they are no longer underwater, but have only a little equity.

This means an estimated 9.7 million homes, about 1 in 5 are still underwater.

Another 11.2 million homeowners were in a low-equity situation, not underwater on their mortgage but with less than 20 percent equity in their homes, a situation that can make refinancing difficult or more expensive.

Rising values

The combination of low mortgage rates, and less foreclosures on the market has help boost values and increased sale prices the past year.  In the metro Twin Cities area of Minneapolis / St Paul, average home values have risen 15.1% in the past year alone.

Real Estate is local

Just a few states account for the almost 1/3rd of underwater homes. Florida, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia. Many people in the Twin Cities are now able to sell and move up to a bigger home, or to easily take advantage of low mortgage rates again, especially with programs like HARP, the Home Affordable Refinance Program, which was specifically designed to assist underwater homeowners who got their current mortgage loan prior to June 1, 2009.

What is the value of my home?

What’s the value of your home? (MN & WI Only)

St Paul, MN: Many homeowners are curious about the appraised value of their home in today’s market. An actual appraisal is expensive, and county tax records do NOT always reflect true market value. As you may be aware, home values are constantly fluctuating, and with the decline in average values, it is important to have an accurate idea of what your home is worth.

There are many sites that claim to give you are idea, including Zillow, Trulia, and more.

The problem is, where is the data coming from and how accurate is it?

We have a different tool to answer the estimated appraised value of your home question. Our application uses the Freddie Mac Home Price Index ( FMHPI ). FMHPI is calculated using a repeat-transactions methodology. Repeat transactions indexes measure price appreciation while holding constant property type and location, by comparing the price of the same property over two or more transactions. The change in price of a given property measures the underlying rate of appreciation because basic factors such as physical location, climate, housing type, etc., are constant between transactions. Averages of appreciation rates for different geographic areas and time periods are calculated using statistical regressions and the index values are derived from these averages

While the estimate may not be the actual or appraised value of your property, it can be a useful tool to gauge fluctuations and trends in your market which affect your home’s value.

Check your homes value? (MN and WI homes only)

For best results, contact us. I can help with purchasing a new home, or refinancing your existing MN or WI home, get you pre-approved for a new home, or put you in touch with a GOOD Real Estate Agent to help determine the best asking price for your home. We know the particulars of your neighborhood, the value of homes, and can help you discover what your home may really be worth.