NAR fees are up, and I’m on a budget

NAR fees are up, advertising costs are up, real estate sales are down, but as a Real Estate Agent, you need to find more clients, and you need to do it on a budget. Here are a few simple tools to increase your business and make more money from Joe Metzler at Mortgages Unlimited, and the Mn Real Estate Daily Show.

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Zero Down Home Loans Are Back

Zero down payment home loans are back. Actually, some of them never went away. VA and USDA Rural Development are two very popular home loan options. Learn more by watching this ROYAL performance… CG LIVE from London!

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Mortgages Unlimited. Best interest rates & 20-yr anniversary

Mortgages Unlimited. 2011 is our 20-yr anniversary and an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune says we offer the best  interest rates.